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We envisioned starting a news portal that addresses the goal of selfless service dedicated to highlighting the issues that affect humanity. The incident in which a three -year-old Syrian boy of Kurdish origin Alan Kurdi drowned as the boat that was carrying him and his family members toward Greece capsized off the coast of Turkey in 2015 while fleeing the war engulfing their country has for long haunted me. As a mark of tribute the Polity Sutra news portal was started where we take care that the international humanitarian stories get equal attention along with the matters of strategic matters.

We choose to redefine the world for children so that they can have a secure and better future. Our goal is to protect people from human rights violations during strife and create a world where wars are just a thing of the past. Our children can walk freely enjoying their rights and duties.

At the same time, our endeavour is to highlight those international factors which have acted as a catalyst to turn the world into a global village.

We envisage bringing news from diverse fields including strategic political issues, trade, treaties, and pressing challenges for the world from the environment, and climate change to war and nuclear disarmament.

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