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Digital technology stood out during the corona pandemic says Moroccon Minister for Industry and Trade

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Digital Technology

Despite the Covid 19 pandemic setback to the economy the digital technology has stood out as one of the beneficiaries says one of the senior Moroccon Minister.

” We all are facing the Covid 19 pandemic, each one of us in their own way. Its impact had a significant setback to the economy. While digital technology has stood out as one of the beneficiaries in this pandemic as it allowed the digital technologies to gain in scope and importance,” said H.E. Mr. Moulay Hafid Elalamy, Minister of Industry, Trade, and Digital and Green Economy of the Kingdom of Morocco.

“The government services and departments in various countries called on increasingly on digital technologies to stay closer to their population and also to provide necessary services to their citizens. I think we would all capitalize on this very strong advance of digital technologies because they have provided for major benefits,” added Mr. Elalamy

Mr. Elalamy was addressing during the Inaugural Session of CyFy2020, organized by the Observer Research Foundation (ORF) recently.

He notes that “the digital technologies for the consumers’ habits have significantly changed and this is for all mankind. We have learned to tame digital technologies to live with video conferences and communicate using digital platforms. Its results are very satisfactory. The future will be somewhat different. We have learned that the use of digital technology in various industries and trade is beneficial as it provides for interesting results and everyone will likely adopt it further.”

He points out that “now the challenge that we have to face is most likely the advent of robotization. We talked about it for decades, we dreamt of a robotized world. I now believe it is the time because in our plans we are increasingly using a number of robots that are integrated with digital technology so in fact to replace humans. So what we need to manage for years to come to find the role of humans in this very strong evolution of technologies.”

He adds that “I firmly believe that all of these will lead to phenomenal opportunities for humanity so as to be able to go further to not fear robotization and a digitized world because it changes the terms of reference to many jobs but at the same time it paves the way to tremendous opportunities that we have to take advantage of.”

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