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EU NAVFOR plays key role in strengthening naval partnership with India

The EU and India has been expanding their naval cooperation which involves strategic engagement and working together for a Prosperous Indo-Pacific Region in which EU NAVFOR is playing a key role.

According to EU, India remains one of the most relevant actors and the EU and EU NAVFOR are looking forward to work together “Towards a Sustainable and Prosperous Indo-Pacific Region.

In this regard EU Strategy for Cooperation in the Indo-Pacific, which involves strategic engagement along with its Coordinated Maritime Presences (CMP) in the Northwest Indian Ocean (NWIO) is very important. The concept of CMP NWIO promotes the presence of EU Member States’ naval assets, the coordination with EU capacity building initiatives, and interaction with partners in the region.

The EU stresses Cooperation with key partners in maritime security, such as India. For EU it is very important part of its strategic maneuvering to ensure the essential freedom of navigation and stability in the Western Indian Ocean.

The EU and India have been boosting the cooperation in maritime security very fast in recent times on the basis of mutual cooperation. Recently EU NAVFOR flagship, Durand de la Penne, conducted a joint activity at sea with the Indian Navy destroyer INS Visakhapatnam, off the Omani Coast on 6 August. During the activity, EU NAVFOR Force Commander, Rear Admiral Fabrizio Rutteri, was hosted on board the Indian destroyer by the Flag Officer of the Western Indian Fleet, Rear Admiral Vineet McCarty, who on his part also visited Durand de la Penne.

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Also as part of the strategic brainstorming recently EU NAVFOR Atalanta Deputy Commander, Italian Rear Admiral Giovanni Galoforo, participated in the Seminar “Enhancing the Indo-Pacific security network in the maritime domain: an EU perspective”, held in Mumbai (India). The seminar was co-organized by the Italian Embassy in India and the National Maritime Foundation, India’s first maritime think-tank for the conduct of independent and policy-relevant research on all maritime matters.

During the event Admiral Galoforo stressed that Atalanta is more than ships, supporting EU initiatives in maritime domain awareness such as the Indo Pacific Regional Information Sharing (IORIS) tool developed by the Critical Maritime Routes Indo-Pacific (CRIMARIO) project, and keeping in permanent contact with the shipping industry through EU NAVFOR Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa (MSCHOA), and the international Shared Awareness and De-confliction (SHADE) conference, whose 51st reiteration will be held in Bahrein on 11 and 12 October.

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EU NAVFOR plays key role in strengthening naval partnership with India
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