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tourism spots in Germany

Sustainable tourism is becoming popular with the Indian travelers who seek to splurge themselves in a exotic land marveling in the picturesque locations beating the hum drums of the mundane lifestyle. Over the years the travel destinations in Germany have become very popular among the Indian backpackers. Germany not only provides the travelers opportunity to explore a foreign location with rich and diversified culture and heritage but seeks to intertwine it with sustainable tourism which has become a global catchphrase for the enlightened travelers.

Indian tourists’ fascination with Germany

In a report published in August this year by German National Tourist Board Indian tourists spent more than 6.23 lakh nights in Germany in 2022, a 209 per cent increase compared to the previous year. But this number was still 65 per cent of the pre-pandemic levels. Indians spent more than 2.01 lakh nights in Germany in 2021.

Germany remains an ideal travel destination for Indians as its natural beauty, innovative eco-tourism practices, and rich cultural heritage is a big plus which is not missed by the travel enthusiasts.

Efforts taken to boost sustainable tourism in Germany

In 2023 the German National Tourist Board has been promoting sustainable tourism in Germany with lot many out of box approach.
To increase the tourists’ footfall it is offering tourism package with three different campaign themes.

The campaign “51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites – Historic and Modern Germany” is aimed at the contrast between historic world heritage and the diversity of products in urban and rural areas.

The travelers get a chance to experience the city life in the proximity of nature having sustainable travel experiences. Many of the World Heritage Sites in Germany are accessible in a climate-friendly way by public transport.

Additionally, ‘Feel Good — Sustainable Travel in Germany’ promotes climate and environmentally friendly visit in a very focused way, “Embrace German Nature” is a campaign that shows how diverse and unique natural landscapes in Germany are and how resource-friendly they can be travelled to.

Some of the ideal eco- tourism spots in Germany

1) Stargazing at North Eifel
2) Cruising Across Lake Königssee
3) Bicycle Paradise at Freiburg
4) Pristine Uckermark
5) Bliesgau Biosphere Reserve
6) Baltic Sea Sly Firth
7) Wartburg Hainich World Heritage Region
8) Sustainable Saarland
9) Northern Black Forest
10) Spectacular Swabian Alb

Germany- ideal for sustainable tourism

With over 350 spa and health resorts Germany is ideal for the tourists looking for sustainability-related aspects of health tourism. They offer preservation of traditional treatment methods and location-specific treatments which is very popular with the foreign tourists.

More than one-third of Germany’s land area is under special protection as a nature park or national park, and it has around 200,000 kilometers of walking trails and 70,000 kilometers of long-distance cycle routes.

Also spending time in rural regions in traditional lifestyle has resurged lots of enthusiasm in the foreign travelers. This perfectly makes Germany an ideal destination for sustainable tourism.

Also, more than 6,000 museums, and several places of cultural and historical significance provides the travelers with memorable experiences.

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