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Regional differences impact efforts to Save Amazon Forests

Several efforts are going on to save the Amazon forests but there remain sharp differences between government and native people living in the forests.

The ground reality: The Amazon consists of forests areas where there has been not much human interference but in recent times it has been facing problem of illegal cutting of forests. The life of people living in the rain forest has been little difficult for last few years impacting saving the Amazon forests.

During the presidential term of Jair Messias Bolsonaro in Brazil the big farmers wanted to purchase land here to cut forests to produce Soybeans.

The people here want that the problems of the Southern nations should be addressed urgently. They want that saving the Amazon Forests should be a priority.

The people living in here are now trying their hands in the carbon credit industry and they are trying to become the part of sustainable agriculture farming projects. They are trying to sell carbon credit to the companies which are trying to compensate for the carbon emission.

The people are very happy but the government claims that these carbon credit companies are exploiting the people to get the contract from them.

Despite the differences with government people here want that education and health facility in the area should improve.

Efforts taken by leadership to protect Amazon: The Amazon rain forest is very big which is spread across 8 countries including Bolivia, Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Guyana, Peru, Surinam, and Venezuela. Amazon’s 60 percent land falls in Brazil.

After coming to power in January Lula De Silva the President of Brazil has sought to change the situation with his visionary policies. During the tenure of former leader Bolsonaro a land size of 1500 square kilometers were cut till July 2022.

But this year there has been a sharp decline and there has been 66 percent reduction in it. This year nearly 500 square kilometers have been cut which is the lowest in last six years.

Why Amazon is important: The forests and rivers in Amazon have a huge diversity of life forms. Moreover, this is the biggest rainforest which plays a key role in fighting global climate change.

The forests in Amazon are capable of absorbing the one-fourth carbon emission of the world. So the deforestation in Amazon could lead to change in the climate conditions which impact the life of everyone. This is why saving the Amazon Forest is very crucial.

The conference to safe Amazon yields little result: The leaders of eight nations met in a two days conference to find out a solution to protect the Amazon forests. But several doubts are being raised whether these efforts are sufficient to save the forests.

In the meeting held in Belém city of Brazil the leaders of eight countries signed the common declaration which included consensus on stopping cutting of forests, illegal mining and controlling organized crimes.

Brazilian President Lula De Silva wants that there should be a complete ban on cutting of forests by 2030. But he failed to develop a common consensus on the issue to how best save the Amazon forests.

Colombia has proposed to ban all the new projects of oil exploration from Amazon but it was removed from the final draft of the declaration.


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Regional differences impact efforts to Save Amazon Forests
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