India and Russia are the special and privileged partners says Ambassador of Russia to India

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Russia and India partnership

The Ambassador of Russia to India H.E. Mr. Nikolay Kudashev calls India and Russia the special and privileged partners on the completion of 20 years of the Declaration on Strategic Partnership between the two countries.

“It’s a jubilee year for our relations with the great country-Republic of India. This year we mark the formation of the strategic partnership between Russia and India and 10 years since this partnership acquired a special and privileged status,” he said.

He added, “You may ask what it meant to be strategic partners, special and privileged partners.”

He noted “to be strategic partners means to proceed from the unity of destinies and to form common approaches and views common on issues directly connected to the existence of our country and people. These include jointly finding solutions to the problem of the Covid 19 pandemic and countering new challenges and threats: terrorism, drug trafficking, transnational organized crime, attempts to rewrite the history of the great victory, working out common approaches to the vision of regional development: in Pacific or Indian ocean or in the Persian Gulf.”

He points out that “what it means to be special and privileged partners. It can be described as an unprecedented unparalleled level of confidence. It means when partner’s views, opinions, positions by default embedded in Moscow’s or New Delhi’s approaches to the key problem of the day or to key problems of developing our bilateral relations.”

He highlighted that “this is not only the partnership of the past 20 years, not only a partnership of today but I am confident the future of Eurasia and other regions of the world belongs to this partnership.”

The two countries have been promoting cooperation in the field of knowledge-intensive spheres, promoting joint products on international markets, further increasing the share of high-added-value goods in mutual trade, enhancing the efficiency of cooperation in international affairs, and realising the potential of cultural and humanitarian contacts to the maximum extent.

The military technical cooperation, where the development of advanced weapons is becoming the most important direction of the relations between India and Russia.

Moreover, the two countries are also cooperating in various aspects of Humanitarian cooperation.

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