India becoming a force to reckon with in the international arena

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India is expanding its global defense clout through a series of efforts including adopting a proactive stance, building military partnerships, and moving towards becoming self-reliant in the defense sector.

How is India’s stature as a global power is enhancing, let’s find out:

The interaction in the defense partnership increases when there are mutual benefits. As India has grown as a military power and has made it clear on the international level that it is a rising power with aspirations of becoming the leading country in decades to come. In the past India was not punching according to its weight in the international arena. But now times are changing India is surprising the world with its military capabilities. India shed its protective shield to roar back amidst the time of crisis. From conducting surgical strikes across the border to giving a befitting reply to China at Galwan, India has come a long way.

India’s military engagement is expanding over the period of time. We are participating in military exercises with countries that we have not thought about in the past. Recently Indian Air Force come back from exercise Pitch Black in Australia where we engaged with the Australian Air Force and also the German Airforce.

Another very important issue is the idea of receiving technology from the western world or other parts of the world seems very lucrative. However, the only way in front of us while waiting for our indigenous manufacturing system to come of age, we should not repeat the mistakes of the past i.e spread ourselves too thin.

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We can sign technology deals with many countries but the prime task would be how we are going to absorb those technologies into our own eco-system. It is pertinently also important that how we are going to make armed forces absorb those technologies and systems so that they do not have too many operating manuals or many systems to adapt. The sooner we become self-reliant on high-end technologies it would be better to improve our own indigenous capabilities.

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When other countries and partners see that you are exerting your potential, then they will like to engage with that country in several ways. When this happens, human-to-human interaction, subscribing to the courses at your military academy, and the increase in the exchange of defense attaches also become possible. These are indicative of the pecking order in the international community. On this parameter, India is making its mark on the global stage as a power of consequence.

We have 35 officers from 22 friendly countries attending the 62nd National Defence college course. This is happening because the world sees India as a rising power. They see value in creating networks and partnerships here in India that could be further boosted even when they have returned to their respective countries.

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