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Indian artistes join German ambassador to recreate the magic of Scorpion’s song Wind Of Change

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Scorpion's song Wind Of Change

German ambassador to India Walter Lindner chose a very innovative idea to mark the 30th anniversary of Germany’s reunification on October 3 through releasing a new version of the Scorpion’s song Wind Of Change recorded with Indian musicians which has been endorsed by the lead singer of Scorpions Klaus Meine.

Lindner says he opted to record an Indian version of Wind Of Change, an “unofficial anthem of freedom, hope and change”, to mark German Unity Day instead of organizing a webinar or digital workshop.

“On this historic day, German reunification was finalized. The Berlin Wall came down and the Cold War came to an end. Commemorating the 30th anniversary of German reunification at a time when we are facing the coronavirus pandemic presented its own challenge. We didn’t want just another webinar. We wanted a different, innovative approach,” he said.

A host of Indian music celebrities actively lent their support in the making of the song with the help of technology. Chetan Dominic Awasthi recorded his vocals while Pandit Vikash Maharaj, Prabhash Maharaj and Abhishek Maharaj recorded the music on the sarod, tabla, and sitar respectively. Drummer Peter Retzlaff had sent in his part from New York. Then the envoy coalesced all the parts into a song at his well-equipped home studio.

Lindner has lent the music for all the instruments featuring in the song except for drums and the Indian instruments.

A Journey’s Songbook, which has several Indian musicians and is a mix of rock, soul, jazz, and Indian music also features in the song.

Lindner already has released several albums and is a very enthusiastic musician playing instruments such as guitar and piano.

Lindner adds “If you’re in the corona situation and depressed, and at home and then you crave for getting out, look at this and get some ray of hope. Whatever changes you want in your life and in your surroundings, it can happen.”

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