Maiden European Political Community meeting underway in Prague

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The first meeting of the European Political Community is underway in Prague, Czech Republic, and aims to foster political dialogue and cooperation to address issues of common interest between the members.

With the dramatic consequences of Russia’s war affecting European countries on many fronts, the European Political Community was launched with the aim of bringing together countries on the European continent and providing a platform for political coordination.

Also, they will discuss themes such as peace and security, the economic situation, energy and climate, and migration and mobility.

The three broad aims of the summit are:

1) Foster political dialogue and cooperation to address issues of common interest

2) Strengthen the security, stability, and prosperity of the European continent

3) This platform for political coordination does not replace any existing organization, structure, or process and does not aim to create new ones at this stage.

The summit will be followed by an informal meeting of the EU Heads of State or Government on the next day in which the three most pressing – and interlinked – issues Russia’s war in Ukraine, energy, and the economic situation will be discussed.

“The war in Ukraine is having a dramatic impact on the energy situation in Europe, with a spillover effect on our economy. Our primary objective is to ensure that we guarantee the security of supply and affordable energy for our households and businesses, particularly as the winter cold approaches. We will assess the decisions already taken in this regard and give guidance on further action needed to ensure a well-coordinated European response,” said an invite sent by Czech President, Charles Michel to the members of the European Council.

The following participants are invited to take part in this first meeting of the European Political Community including EU 27 member states, Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Iceland, and Switzerland.

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