Middle East counter-terrorism experts meet Japanese Vice Foreign Minister Fukazawa Yoichi

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Fukazawa Yoichi

A four-member team of the Seventh Dialogue on Countering Violent Extremism in the Middle East met with the Parliamentary Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan, Fukazawa Yoichi.

On welcoming the delegation Fukazawa said,” Japan shares with Islam a spirit that emphasizes “harmony” and “tolerance,” and will continue to contribute to peace and prosperity in the international community, including through countering violent extremism, an issue shared by the Middle East and Japan, from the standpoint of having longstanding good relations with countries in the Middle East.”

The list of participants included: Saeed Al-Jyashy, Strategic Affairs Advisor, National Security Advisory, Dr. Tarek Ladjal, Advisor, Sawt Al-Hikma Center for Countering the Extreme Narratives, Dr. Rafat Al-Shdefat, Major, Head of the Center for Human Rights, Public Security Directorate, Mariam Hamid, Translator Specialist, Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism.

The participants expressed their gratitude for the invitation to Japan and expressed that they hope to utilize the knowledge gained during their visit in the future and expect Japan to play an active role in countering violent extremism.

Japan annually holds the Dialogue on Countering Violent Extremism every year in which experts are called from the Middle East and North Africa region to discuss countermeasures against violent extremism.

Last year also a three-member team was called to Japan which included Dr. Hakan Kiyici, Assistant Professor, Turkish National Police Academy, Dr. Wisam Fakhry Hazimeh, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, the Prince Hussein bin Abdullah II School for International Studies, University of Jordan and Adiba Naoua, Hassan II University, Teaching Fellow.

Japan has been actively making efforts to combat terrorism through bilateral and multilateral cooperation. Japan has signed over 13 conventions and frameworks aimed at building frameworks for international cooperation to ensure that a person suspected of terrorism will be ultimately tried and punished in one of the relevant countries.

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