PM Narendra Modi addresses UN World Geospatial International Congress

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Geospatial technology is driving inclusive progress in the country with its imprints clearly visible in the schemes like SVAMITVA and housing, and the outcomes in terms of property ownership and women empowerment.

“The role of geospatial technology in driving inclusion and progress. The role of technology in schemes like SVAMITVA and housing, and the outcomes in terms of property ownership and women empowerment, have a direct impact on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals on poverty and gender equality,” said Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

PM Modi was addressing the United Nations World Geospatial International Congress, via video message which is being held in Hyderabad.

He emphasized that his government is working on the principle of Antyodaya which means empowering the last person at the last mile. He added that 450 million unbanked people, a population greater than that of the USA, were brought under the banking net and 135 million people, about twice the population of France, were given insurance. Sanitation facilities were taken to 110 million families and tap water connections to over 60 million families, he added, underlining that “India is ensuring no one is left behind.

Technology brings transformation, the Prime Minister said, citing the example of JAM trinity which has delivered welfare benefits to 800 million people seamlessly, and of the tech platform that powered the world’s largest vaccination drive.

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The theme of the conference is ‘Geo-enabling the Global Village: No one should be left behind’.

According to PM Modi India has already set an example in sharing the benefits of geospatial technology, citing the example of the South Asia Satellite for facilitating communication in India’s neighborhood.

He called for taking everyone along and advocated for a greater role of global organizations like the United Nations in leading the way in taking resources to the last mile in every region

The Prime Minister underscored the endless possibilities that geospatial technology offers. These include sustainable urban development, managing, and mitigating disasters, tracking the impact of climate change, forest management, water management, stopping desertification, and food security. He expressed his wish that this conference becomes a platform to discuss developments in such important areas.

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