Tehrik-e-Taliban: A Frankenstein for Pakistan

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Tehrik-e-Taliban, which has become, a stuck straw within the teeth of Pakistan has become next to impossible to be weeded out, is today one of the largest and deadliest terrorist organisation in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Though the formation of Tehrik-e-Taliban took place on 14, December 2007, but the godfather of using terrorism as a covert state policy was General Zia-ul-Haq. He started operation Tupac to help separatist groups in Jammu and Kashmir. Pakistan also raised Taliban Afghanistan with the help of US to dislodge Soviet Union from Afghanistan. Taliban succeeded but it created a myth that an organised terrorist group could form government in a country. The second success of Taliban is Afghanistan, after the withdrawal of US forces has further augmented the morale of Tehrik to replicate what Taliban has done in Afghanistan, in Pakistan.

From very outset Tehrik has made its agenda clear. It wants to implement Sharia rule in Pakistan. It has close relation with Al-Qaeda as well as Taliban Afghanistan. Through Pakistan does not accept but it is more than a declared fact that Taliban has come to power in Afghanistan because of Pakistani help and cooperation. However, Taliban proved smarter than what Pakistani establishment had thought. From beginning, Afghanistan never accepted Durand line as a border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. Present Taliban rule destroyed the fencing work done by Pakistan on the border. Therefore, though not openly but clandestinely Taliban rule provides not only base to Tehrik, in Afghanistan, but also give them logistic support. This is the biggest problem for Pakistan in dealing with Tehrik.

Dichotomy of Pakistan’s ideology:
Pakistan celebrates and supports Sharia rule everywhere in the world, its leadership does not hesitate in taking the help of extremist political groups like Tehrik-e-Labbaik to win election, but it does not like the same Sharia rule in Pakistan. But the ghost Pakistan created using her resources and the services of Mullah, has now turned against her and Pakistan has no incantation.

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When Maulana Fazlullah became third Chief of Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan in 2013 he openly declared his goal: Sharia rule in Pakistan, Support to Afghanistan, Anti Americanism and No Education to Girls. He shamelessly took the responsibility of attack on the life of Nobel Laureate Malala Yousufzai in 2012. It is open secret that you cannot be choosy in acclaiming one separatist group and disdain the other.

The extremist view of Tehrik-e-Taliban now has wide support base in Waziristan, Swat Valley and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Till Pakistan will leave the lust of using terrorism as a state policy against its enemies, Pakistan would not be able to contain Tehrik and other such organisations.

A timeline to show the major terror incidents carried out by Tehrik-e-Taliban
1. The first major attack of TTP was immediately after its foundation on 23rd December 2007 on a military convoy in Mingura. 13 personnel were killed.
2. Pakistani government also alleged that TTP was behind the assassination of Benazir Bhutto on 27 December 2007 but TTP denied these allegations.
3. Another major attack of TTP where’s born 30th March 2009 on police academy in Lahore. More than 10 people were killed.
4. On 30 December 2009 TTP conducted a suicide bomb attack on US base in Afghanistan to take revenge of the death of Baitullah Masud, founder of TTP, in which more than 10 people were killed.
5. On 1st January 2010 TTP attacked football match in Lakki Marwat district. Nearly hundred and five people were killed.
6. April 3, 2011, Dera Ghazi khan attack.
7. 22 September 2013, Attack on Christian Church in Peshawar.81 people were killed.
8. One of the most hienous terrorist attack of TTP was in a army run school in Peshawar on 16 December 2016. 150 innocent school children were killed.
9. On 8 August 2016, There was attack on Queta civil hospital. 72 people were killed.
10. In 2022. There have been many attack on army in several casualties of army personnel and officers have taken place.

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