Tunisian refugees face deplorable situation; Top UN refugee agencies call for timely resolution

The refugees from Tunisia are facing a grim situation who remain stranded in dire conditions following their removal to remote and desolate areas near the country’s borders with Libya and Algeria or pushed across the borders facing extreme heat, and without access to shelter, food or water even as top refugees’ agencies call for timely resolution of this issue.

“Many of these individuals were displaced from Sfax following the recent unrest in the city, while others were relocated from various urban centres across Tunisia,” said UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

Among those stranded are women (including some who are pregnant) and children. Tragically, there are already reports of the loss of life among the group.

UNHCR and IOM appreciated the work of the Tunisian and Libyan Red Crescent in delivering humanitarian assistance to hundreds of people in the border areas.

UNHCR and IOM stress that search and rescue efforts are urgently needed for those who remain stranded on both sides of the border, and urge for a timely resolution of this situation. This also includes ensuring that those with international protection needs must be identified and given the opportunity to seek asylum, and vulnerable migrants, including victims of trafficking and unaccompanied children, must be referred to appropriate services.

The human rights of migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers must be respected in accordance with national and international law. Access to territory and safety for new arrivals in need of international protection must also be provided in accordance with international obligations.

UNHCR and IOM call on all countries involved to uphold their international legal obligations to migrants, refugees and asylum-seekers. UNHCR and IOM stand ready to support the authorities to resolve the current situation in a humane and principled manner that respects the rights of all, as well as to develop a sustainable and comprehensive approach to the management of migration and asylum.

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Tunisian refugees face deplorable situation; Top UN refugee agencies call for timely resolution
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