UN Secretary-General António Guterres vows to not give up despite accelerating nuclear risks

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António Guterres

UN Secretary-General António Guterres cautions that nuclear risks are accelerating even as the world is forgetting the fiery lessons of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, in a video message for the Conference of Mayors for Peace.

He added that despite this,” we cannot give up.

The Conference of Mayors for Peace: “Creating a Peaceful, Nuclear-Weapon-Free World: Cultivating a Culture of Peace in Civil Society is being held in Hiroshima, Japan.

‘Let me begin by thanking Mayors for Peace for your leadership and strong voice to move us closer to a nuclear-weapon-free world. There is no more appropriate place to mark your anniversary than Hiroshima. And no better time to reiterate the importance of peace,” he said further.

He underscored that Nuclear disarmament is not some utopian dream. It is the only pathway to a peaceful future.

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He stressed “The United Nations is proud to walk this path with you. Eliminating nuclear weapons would be the greatest gift we could bestow on future generations. Let’s make it happen.”

He called on all countries to use the tools of diplomacy, dialogue, and negotiation to eliminate the nuclear threat, once and for all adding “more than ever, we need all partners, across every walk of life, demanding an end to the proliferation of these devices of death.”

Mayors for Peace has grown to over 8,213 member cities, in 166 countries and regions as of October 1, 2022.

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