North Korean Missile test over Japan: What’s on Kim Jong-un’s mind?

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North Korean Missile test

North Korea has been expanding its nuclear and missile technology which is a great threat to the US and its allies including Japan and South Korea. North Korea today has fired a suspected missile over Japan which created a furore across the globe, with world leaders condemning it.

But what is actually in the mind of the North Korean leaders in using such tactics? Let’s find out

If experts are to be believed it is nothing new for North Korea to seek global attention through fishing in troubled waters. It is a deliberate ploy to get the attention of Tokyo and Washington.

A close bonhomie between Japan, the US, and South Korea has a very unsettling effect on the Korean leader Kim Jong Un, who is using threatening tactics to discourage any cooperation between these nations.

Last week, the three nations after a gap of five years conducted a joint naval exercise that infuriated Kim Jong-un. He considers any such military maneuvering as an indicator of his enemy’s preparations for war.

In 2017 as well after such a combined exercise, North Korea fired two missiles over Japan which was followed by a nuclear test week later.

This also indicates that North Korea may be getting ready for another nuclear test, and today’s missile test may be an attempt to prepare the ground for it.

In the view of experts, Korea’s firing of missiles over Japan also allows North Korean scientists to test missiles under circumstances that they’d endure in real-world use.

So far North Korea has conducted over thirty Missile Tests this year as compared to just eight last year.

In June this year in response to a barrage of short-range ballistic missiles launched by North Korea, the US and South Korea fired eight surface-to-surface missiles.

The UN has sanctioned North Korea since 2006, in an effort to cut funding and resources for its nuclear and ballistic missile programs.

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